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The Freelance Game is a new kind of digital education tool for college, vocational education, high school and university. It serves as a bridge between the study world and the professional life. The Freelance Game works well also for those who are thinking of starting their own businesses. The Freelance Game offers a safe environment to train the skill and approach to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.


User license
The Freelance Game user license is valid for 1 month to 1 year which gives the possibility for recurring training. The license is personal and can not be transfered to another person. The account must be created within 2 months. The license is valid from the day the account is created.

Teacher’s license
The teacher’s license has the possibility to join pupils/students with a common class, to simplify the evaluation. The teacher’s license also includes teacher support to be used in the education together with The Freelance Game. The account must be created within 2 months. The license is valid from the day the account is created.

A free teacher’s license will be given when buying more than 20 student licenses. If you as a teacher buys a license through the credit card alternative and later on want to upgrade it to a teacher’s license, please email Good Learning at order@goodlearning.se.

Discount for students.
Bundle prices for courses and educations.

System requirements:
The Freelance Game requires an Internet connection and a modern web browser. The game is entirely web based. Windows 10 users can download the app "The Freelance Game" at Microsoft Education Store. The Freelance Game runs in web browsers on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Freelance Game is developed by Good Learning
Good Learning is a Swedish EdTech Company. We are situated in Stockholm, Sweden.
Our contact information can be found here.
Here you can read our Privacy Policy.

About payment:
Your card will be charged directly and in currency SEK. Once your payment is approved, which normally is without delay, we will send you the licence keys by e-mail.

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